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Damn it's been a very long time, since i last saw something from Alvin-Earthworm. Even with you being gone for so long. Your still able to make top down awesome sprite movies. I enjoy watching the reboot of Super Mario Bros Z. And i do hope you'll be able to continue it. And give it a rightful ending after all this time.

Funny as hell.

Wow you made 19 shorts... And you call this a mini volume? What would be a big Volume? Well anyway great job on it. And to do 19!? Damn! I can't wait too see the next volume.

Ps. great pick with the Mega Man X5 ending song by the way.

That was great.

I got to say. This was great watching this. Awesome look too it. Nice work on it. Hey did you put only the parts you liked from the game?

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This game well open everyones eyes.

*Sniff* We have to stop this monster. Know as Sopa! If we don't the world. Well be boring as hell, And all the porn will be gone too.

Nyan Cat as Pizza!?

I played the game. And i love it. It runs smoth. I made the Nyan Cat look like pizza. :D And it's fur black. XD Anyway. Great job on the game.

Human Centipede! MUST PLAY!!!

For people that loved the game. Centipede! Must play it! It was great. It can get hard sometimes. But that's the fun of it! :D Great game Mockery. Lot's of fun. I'll gave it a 10/10. Pluse. Cops are hard to run from! >_<

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Wow nice sound.

If you listen to it closely. It's a sounds like, Sonic/Tetris beat mixed. Nice work. Hmmm sounds like if it was ment from Sonic CD? Or Sonic Riders??? Maybe it's just me. :P


I want some damn bacon now! Great work man. Whos singing it? You? Or did you just made the sounds to it? But really great work.

Pure-Metal-UTA responds:

I did the vocals and all guitars except for the bass. Bass was done using DSK Bass, and the drums were done on EZ Drummer DFH.
Glad you liked it, thanks for listening!

Very nice work

Nice work on the sound. I bet this well be on a video gaame someday. Maybe for mega man. If they nstill make that game lol. So were did you get the idea?

and nice job on it too.

hopeku responds:

Well I put random sounds together to make some sort of combination (you can notice it right in beginning) and I really liked it so the rest all came with it!

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I bet if god made this he'll be like. Hmm. Eyes of a spider! Body like a squid. Mouth like a shark NO! Side way! Hmm... It need something. I got it Mikeys hand and pluto ears! Ha! Whos twisted now satan!?

Well i love it! Looks bloody! Still you realy have to wonder.... What's it's diet is. :P

Comick responds:

Lmfao thanks man! Glad you liked its design :b and yeah he eats hentai addicts and people who worship Kawaii Cat....but will also eat anything its tentacles can get a hold of too...

Wow great work.

I'm going take a guess. When you where geting ideas for character's. You must have bite your tongue and got the idea huh? xD

Anyway. Awesome drawing. :D Can't wait to see more demons!

Comick responds:

Haha I hadn't thought of that :b but I have bit my tongue once and it hurts like hell!
also, thanks!

Very nice.

Oh you had me going there. But i took a "closer look" Awesome work man. I think her food melt from her hotness... >.> But damn i can go for some cookies.

Just some guy that draws.

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